Actor Name
 Where are they now?
Humbert Allen Astredo Nicholas Blair ...retired from acting and lives in Connecticut.
Find out more.
Nancy Barrett Carolyn Stoddard ...lives in New York, where she has established an impressive cabaret career. Find out more.
Joan Bennett Elizabeth Collins Stoddard ...retired not long after Dark Shadows ended. She died in 1990. Find out more.
Chris Bernau Phillip Todd  ...originated the role of Alan Spaulding on Guiding Light. He died in 1989. Find out more.
Clarice Blackburn Mrs. Sarah Johnson  ...won an Emmy for writing All My Children. She died in 1995. Find out more.
Chris Jennings ...retired from acting and returned to hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Died in 2004 after lifelong battle with mental illness. Find out more.

(pictured with David Henesy)

Hallie Stokes ...starred in several Disney films. Find out more.
Joel Crothers Joe Haskell ...starred on The Edge of Night as Miles Cavanaugh. and in the groundbreaking play Torch Song Trilogy. He died in1985 Find out more.
Terrayne Crawford  Beth Chavez ...travels extensively, working for human rights and children's causes around the world. Find out more.
Thayer David Professor T.E. Stokes ...continued as a popular character actor on TV and in films. He died in 1978. Find out more.
Peter Bradford ...lives in California, where he owns a successful clothing distribution company. Find out more.
Betsy Durkin Victoria Winters ...recently wrote a book called Dressing the Man You Love. Find out more.
Louis Edmonds Roger Collins  ...was nominated for three Emmys as Langley on All My Children. He died in 2001. Find out more.
Sam Evans  ...died in 1984. Find out more.
Barnabas Collins ...semi-retired in 1994 and returned to his birth-country, Canada. Find out more.
Anthony George Burke Devlin ...starred in the soap operas Search For Tomorrow, and One Life To Live. He died in 2005. Find out more.
Grayson Hall Julia Hoffman ...appeared often on stage and TV, including a stint on the soap One Life To Live. Grayson died in 1985. A new full-length biography, with cooperation of Hall's family, is due in summer 2006.  Find out more.
David Henesy David Collins ...is the father of three, living in South America. He works in restaruant management.  Find out more.
Kate Jackson  Daphne ...went on to star as one of Charlie's Angels. She lives in California and continues to act. Find out more.
Willie Loomis ...won an Emmy as Harvey on Cagney & Lacey. He lives in California and continues to act. Find out more.
Rev. Trask ...starred as Humphrey Bogart's ghost in Woody Allen's Play It Again, SamFind out more.
Donna McKechnie Amanda Harris/Olivia Corey ...won a Tony for A Chorus Line, and is a respected stage actress. Her autobiography is due out in summer 2006. Find out more.
 Laura Collins ...retired from acting and is now an author, based in New York. Find out more.


 Victoria Winters ...has become a documentary writer and director. She lives in New York City.  Find out more.
Amy Jennings ...played Violet in the children's classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. She has retired from acting and lives in Colorado with her son, Josh. Find out more.

^ Chris on a paperback cover.
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Christopher Pennock Jeb Hawkes ...has written and drawn a series of comic books and occassionally acts on stage. Chris lives with his wife and daughter in California. Find out more.
 Angelique ...became a school techer and successful author (she penned the Harper-Collins best-seller Angeliquue's Descent). Lara lives in California with her husband. Find out more.
Dennis Patrick Jason McGuire ..contined as a popluar character actor in such TV shows as Dallas. Dennis died in 2002.
Keith Prentice Morgan Collins ...became a theater director. He died in 1992. Find out more.
Robert Rodan  Adam ...retired from acting and started a real estate business.  Find out more.
Mitchell Ryan  Burke Devlin ...conquered alcoholism and went on to be a busy actor on TV and in films." Find out more.
Geoffrey Scott  Sky Rumson ...went on to Dynasty and Baywatch. Find out more.
Kathryn Leigh Scott Maggie Evans ...founded a successful publishing company, based in Califorina. Find out more.
Quentin Collins ...continues to act in movies and on TV. He had a long-running role on Falcon Crest in the 1980s. Find out more.
Sharon Smyth Sarah Collins ...retired from acting.  Find out more.
James Storm Gerard Stiles ...recently released a country music CD. Find out more.
Michael Stroka Aristede ...died in 1997.  Find out more.
Virginia Vestoff  Samantha Collins ...died in 1982.  Find out more.
 Ezra Braithwaite ...was one of the core characters of the TV classic Barney Miller. He continues to act on TV and in movies. Find out more.
Marie Wallace "Crazy Jenny" Collins ...is a photographer living in New York City. Her terrific career memoir On Stage and In Shadows was published in 2005.  Find out more.
Donna Wandrey   Roxanne Drew ...is a freelance writer and stage actress in New York City. Find out more.


New Jonathan Frid images added to actor's official site

Anyone who thinks retired DS star Jonathan Frid is living a dull, secluded life should check out new images recently added to JonathanFrid.com. The former bloodthirsty Barnabas is obviously enjoying his life in Canada -- and he often engages in online "conversations" with fans, on his official site.

Thanks to Nancy Kersey for sharing this photo of Jonathan, which she shot last year. And for more "where are they now?" photos and features here on DSO, click here.

For up-to-date information about the whereabouts (and work) of members of the Dark Shadows cast and crew, subscribe to ShadowGram, the official DS newsletter. Email editor Marcy Robin at shadowgram@aol.com for more information.

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