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Dark Shadows Journal Online
British fan Stuart Manning has assembled my favorite DS website.

With snazzy graphics, witty text, and more features than you can shake a wolf's head cane at, this site has it all. Stuart is doing a great job covering the ongoing developments regarding the new Dark Shadows, currently in production for the WB channel.


This site's database-style listing of DS episodes makes it the best site for determining each episode's content, cast, original air date, and voice-over actor. You can also search the database by actor -- to figure out exactly which episodes each one appeared in.

Last time I checked, the front page of the site and the links page had not been updated in over three years -- meaning the "news" isn't exactly news, and many of the links are dead.

The is unfortunate, because it really detracts from an otherwise terrific site.

  The Dark Shadows Movies Site
Michael F. Miozza has put together an exhaustive look at the two DS films, House of Dark Shadows and Night of Dark Shadows -- including information about the "lost" scenes. Unfortunately, parts of this site are also pretty out of date -- but like Dark, it contains a lot of valuable, timeless info.

The HODS and NODS Restoration Website
The legends are true -- there is long-lost footage which will eventually make the rather confusing Night of Dark Shadows a much better film.

Film historian Darren Gross has located some of it, and he's still on the trail of the rest. Read all about it -- and see great exclusive behind-the-scenes photos -- at Darren's official site.

For information about Marcy Robin's outstanding paper and email newsletters about the DS cast (where are they now, etc.), click the link above, or email her at, or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
Marcy Robin
ShadowGram Editor
P.O. Box 1766
Temple City, CA 91780-7766

Pomegranate Press
Whatever happened to "Maggie Evans"? She founded a successful publishing company. Check out Kathryn Leigh Scott's offerings, which include quite a few great DS books.

Some of the most popular are The Dark Shadows Almanac, Millennium Edition, The Dark Shadows Movie Book, and The Dark Shadows Collectibles Book.

  MPI -- VHS
All 1,225 installments are available on VHS -- from the rare "pre-Barnabas" episodes to the very end -- as well as special compilation tapes, including one of my favorites: the DS blooper reel.

Slowly but surely, DS is also being released on DVD. At 10 episodes per tape, it may take a while, but having the whole set at your fingertips will be worth the wait.

Click here to read more about the DVDs here on Dark Shadows Online.


MPI -- Merchandise
Dying for Barnabas beach towel or boxer shorts? This is the place to go. Besides video releases, over the years MPI Home Video has offered a fun collection of official merchandise. including a checkbook cover, a key chain, t-shirts, and the show's soundtrack albums.

They've also reissued one of the most popular collectibles: Josette's music box.

Not all the items are still available at the MPI site, but lots of the sold-out collectibles are often available on eBay.


Dark Shadows Festival
You can make your reservations for the next fan convention -- and buy several items, including a calendar and exclusive color photos of the DS stars.

Basic information about upcoming Fests is usually listed, though details are sparse until shortly before the events.

And even though Festivals have been held for many years, the site doesn't draw on this rich history; you won't find photo galleries or much info about past Fests here.



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Marie Wallace Online

Marie's site, an affiliate of Dark Shadows Online, features information about her career memoir, On Stage and In Shadows, and some great photos of Marie and such costars as Ethel Merman, Gwen Verdon, and Ruth Buzzi.,

DS Cast Members' Official Sites and