Kathryn Leigh Scott
Dark Shadows Characters:
Maggie Evans, Josette Dupres, Kitty Soams, Maggie Collins, Rachel Drummond

Appeared in: 319 episodes

First episode: # 1, June 27, 1966

Last episode: # 1108, September 23, 1970

Born: Marlene Kathryn Kringstad; Robbinsdale, Minnesota; January 26

As a young girl Kathryn Kringstad fashioned costumes for herself from the fabric scraps at her aunt's bridal shop. Later she studied acting and took part in school plays, with a goal of becoming a drama teacher. Instead of teaching, however, she kept on acting. She moved to New York and attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She supported herself working as a Playboy Bunny (called Kay) at one of Hugh Hefner's nightclubs in Manhattan and adopted the professional name Kathryn Leigh Scott.

In 1966, she landed the role of waitress Maggie Evans on Dark Shadows and was on the show's first episode. Shortly thereafter, she quit the Playboy Club.

In 1970, she left the show to marry longtime-boyfriend Ben Martin, a photojournalist. They moved to Paris, then London, where Kathryn continued to act.

In 1986, after returning to the United States, Ben and Kathryn formed Pomegranate Press to publish her memoir, My Scrapbook Memories of Dark Shadows, featuring her recollections and his photographs. She had already begun attending Dark Shadows Festivals, so she knew there was a market.

"As I was writing I realized that if I went to a New York publisher they would never be able to bring it out within the year, and I started thinking more and more about it and I realized that I knew how to reach that audience, and I knew what they wanted," she said a few years later. "The more I thought about it, it just seemed that I should publish it myself, which I did. Then I had such a great time doing it and the book was so successful that I continued by publishing other people's material."

Pomegranate Press has grown into an international, successful publishing house, specializing in entertainment-related books.

Along with her writing, editing, and publishing duties, Kathryn also continues to act on television and in film. (See Career Highlights, below.)

Kathryn and Ben divorced but have remained business partners. Kathryn is married to Los Angeles magazine publisher Geoff Miller.


Career Highlights:
Santa Barbara (judge), Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show (cartoon voice-over), Good Morning America (1987), Hour Magazine (1987), CBS Morning Show (1986), Afterschool Special: Secret Agent Boy.

PRIMETIME TV: The Protectors (1998), Island Son (1990), Matlock (1990), 21 Jump Street (Margaret Rosen, 1990), Star Trek: The Next Generation (1989), Jake and the Fatman (1990), Dallas (1989), Matlock (2 episodes: 1989), Jake and the Fatman (1988), Probe (1988), Paradise (2: 1988), Knots Landing (architect, 1988), Hotel (1987), Morningstar/Eveningstar (1986), Shadow Chasers (1986), A-Team, Cagney and Lacey (1985), Call to Glory (1984), Hardcastle and McCormick (1984), Philip Marlowe Private Eye (Annie Riordan, 1983), Tales of the Gold Monkey (Melodie, 1983), The Renegades (Julie Robinson, 1983), Police Squad (Sally Decker 1982), Shannon (Andrea Croft, 1981), Magnum P.I. (Christy, 1981), Incredible Hulk (Dr. Gail Collins, 1980), Return of the Saint (Gail Delaney, 1980), Little House on the Prairie (Belle, 1979), Quincy (Laura, 1979) Hawaii Five-O (Jemilla), Switch, Space 1999, Dynasty (Jennifer), Big Shamus Little Shamus (Stephanie Marsh), Battle of the Network Stars, Baretta (Margaret Tranker).

TV FILMS: Voice of the Heart (Arlene Mason, 1989, minseries), Last Days of Patton (Jean Gordon, 1986), Murrow (Janet Murrow, 1986), The Story of Esther, Come Die With Me (1974), Turn of the Screw (Miss Jessel, 1974).

TV COMMERCIALS: Viceroy Cigarettes, Colgate Mouthwash, Century 21, Ford, Monchel, Disney Channel, Nissan, Union 1976, Dawn, Belmont Stakes.

BRITISH TV: The Royal Victorians, Harriet's Back in London, Marked Personal, Hammer House of Horror: Visitor from the Grave, The Exiles (Felicia), Dial M for Murder (Melissa), Crimes of Passion (Gabrielle), Edward VII, Late Call (Shirley).

SCREEN: The Greek Tycoon (Nancy, 1979), Providence (Miss Boone, 1979), Brannigan (Miss Allen, 1975), The Great Gatsby (Catherine, 1974), L'Alfomega (1970), Witches' Brew (1979), The Troublemaker (1964).

THEATER: Harvey (Ruth Kelley, 1976, London), Le Weekend (Bristol, England), Some Rain (1984, L.A.), Everything in the Garden (L.A.), Seize the Day (NYC).

MISC: Started own publishing company, Pomegranate Press, in 1986. Apppeared in German TV documentary, Youth in New York. Co-produced and appeared in The Bunny Years (1999), a documentary based on her 1998 book of the same name about the Playboy Bunnies and Playboy Clubs.


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Her name is Victoria Winters...and when she arrived at Collinwood to work as governess, she was an orphan in search of answers about her past.

Who were her parents? Was she a long-lost Collins? Did Elizabeth hold the key to the mysteries surrounding her heritage. Of course she did! The identity of Victoria Winters was not resolved on the TV series Dark Shadows, but years later two stories have finally answered that burning question: Who is Victoria Winters?

In the 1990s, Dan "Marilyn" Ross co-wrote a novella called The Secret of Victoria Winters, which explained who he believed Vicky's parents were in the Parallel Time he wrote about in the Paperback Library books.

And in 2003, David Selby's son, Jamison, wrote Return to Collinwood, a play that was presented at that year's Dark Shadows Festival. In the play, the reading of Elizabeth Stoddard's will at last revealed what Victoria's heritage is in the world dramatized on the TV series.

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