David Henesy
Dark Shadows Characters:
David Collins, Daniel Collins

Appeared in: 276 episodes

First episode: #4, June 30, 1966

Last episode: #1165, December 11, 1970

Born: Glen Ridge, New Jersey; October 20, 1956

David Henesy in a photo the former actor provided to DSO in 2004.

While Dark Shadows was on the air, its young fans would've given anything to hang out on the set and call Jonathan Frid and David Selby "friend." David Henesy did get this chance, spending a chunk of his childhood lurking around the dusty rooms of Collinwood.

Even though he was just 9 years old, David Henesy had a show-biz career before joining the DS cast. He'd appeared on the Broadway stage with Mary Martin and was featured in a summer stock production of Oliver!

In a 1969 issue of Afternoon TV, 13-year-old David was described as "a young boy with an impish grin and dirty blond hair." According to the article, David started acting at age 4. "My first job was a commercial," he said. "Every day after work, you got a big lollipop."

After appearing in House of Dark Shadows and on a 1973 episode of The Waltons, the young man retired from acting, prompting speculation that he disliked the profession.

"I never hated show biz," he said in 2002. "[I] just found it boring after a while and enjoyed working in an environment where I had more control over my chances for success."

He moved into restaruant management, first in New York City, then in South America. He currently lives in Panama and is the father of three.

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SCREEN: House of Dark Shadows (David Collins, 1970)


TOUR: Oliver!


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