DSO Exclusive Feature:
Before They Came to Collinwood

Can you guess who these little ones are?
She heated things up at Collinwood, when she arrived to claim her son. Click  here  to see who this 2-year-old grew into.


To get on her mom's nerves, this blonde bombshell dated biker Buzz. Click here to see a later photo.
He let Burke go to jail for a crime he committed. Click here to see this little southern gentleman as a grown-up.

She was created by Barnabas and Julia, to be Adam's main squeeze. Click here to see who this 3-year-old became.


Her brother, Chris, liked to howl at the moon. Click here to see who this 4-year-old a few years later.


His dalliance with a lady's maid brought a curse crashing down upon the Collins family. Click here to see him all grown up.


A portrait kept him looking young (but not quite this young). See an image from later in life.

He tried to kill his father, Roger, by tampering with Roger's car. Click here to see him as "16 Magazine" pinup.

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