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There have been many illustrated adventures set at a variety of versions of Collinwood over the past four decades, including two comic book series, a newspaper comic strip, parodies, and more. Click below to read about them:

Gold Key Comic Books
From 1968 to 1976, a comic book series was based losely on the original show. The art wasn't bad, though the characters didn't resemble their TV counterparts; and teh stories were unrelated to the TV plots -- but as a stand-alone DS parallel time series, they're enjoyable. The comic series lasted twice as long as the TV series, ending ten years after the show debuted. Read more about the Gold Key comics.
Newspaper Comic Strip
about a year after DS was cancelled, newspapers around the country carried a strip about the Collins clan, including color panels on weekends. Click here to read more about the comic strip.
Innovation Comic Books
Just like the ABC TV series, the NBC revival spawned a comic book series that outlived the show. Featured richly painted scenes and strong likenesses of the actors, this series was better artistically than the Gold Keys.
Click here to read more about those comics

In 1971, a parody of DS, called "Darn Shadows," was printed in the first issue of a comic book called Spoof. Click here to read about that comic.

There was another DS parody published in the Elvira comic book series, written by my friend Richard Howell. I'm planning to write more about that soon.

Original Art
In recent years, the original art used to create comics has become a hot collectible category. Click here to read about the original DS art.
Other Shadows
Another Dark Shadows comic book series pre-dated the TV series, in the 1950s. Besides its title, it was totally unrelated to the soap opera (however, one cover features a character that resembles Joan Bennett more than the Elizabeth in the Gold Key series did). Three issues were published, starting in October 1957.


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