Dark Shadows Online announces: Diana Millay's new book, The Power of Halloween, is currently being printed, and will be available Sept. 1 on online bookstores, including Barnes and Noble.com and Amazon.com. Diana will be discussing the book at the upcoming Dark Shadows Festival in Brooklyn, N.Y.

More information will be posted on DSO soon.

From the back cover:
"Halloween may be the most misunderstood holiday on the calendar, because many people don’t realize the depth of its history. It has tremendous power and purpose, which benefit all of mankind—those who are with us now, and those who have moved into the hereafter. This once-sacred holiday has, over time, evolved from a night of merry-making and mischief to a much more sinister atmosphere of yesteryear inhabited by monsters of our own imagining. Why do we feel so compelled to step out of ourselves and into the frightening attire of someone else? Is it to ward off evil...or to attract it?

Among the dark shadows and foggy mist, the living have long searched the night on Halloween. Some catch a fleeting glimpse or vision of a loved one. Others are touched by the gift of a telepathic message. In some mysterious way, the spirits feel your every thought and hear your every word on this mystical, magical night. “Answers will come. All will be revealed,” the wise witches say.

The Power of Halloween draws on author Diana Millay’s heritage: witches and witchcraft. It does not come from history books but from stories passed on by generations of a family of mystics who have made magic since the beginning of time. There have always been those who’ve had the gift of miraculous accomplishments: psychics, mediums, mystics, and witches. Whatever you choose to call them, it is comforting to know almost nothing is impossible. Magic is just as available now as it was then."

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